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Creality 3d Printing

Creality PEI Glass Plate Bed 235*235*4mm

Creality PEI Glass Plate Bed 235*235*4mm

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● Upgrade: 100% Creality PEI glass plate. For better printing experiences. Power coated PEI glass has better adhesion and flatness compared with traditional carborundum glass build surface.

● Black PEI Powder: Black PEI powder on semi-tempered glass, Excellent adhesion. Uniform powder coverage and great flatness, for better levelings and higher printing success rates.

● Easily Removed: Without any help from other tools, models can be easily removed after the build plate is cooled.

● Excellent Hardness & Durable: 8 Mohs hardness and good thermal conductivity, up to 400°C temp resistance. (Recommended hotbed temperature is 60°C - 100°C)

● Great Flatness, No Warping Edge: High-quality semi-tempered glass with both flatness and strength. No failed printings anymore with strong adhesion, No model warping anymore.

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