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Creality 3d Printing

Creality Ender 7 3D Printer, Large Print 250x250x300mm

Creality Ender 7 3D Printer, Large Print 250x250x300mm

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【1 year loacl manufacturer warranty】

【High Speed Printing】A breakout in printing speed 250mm/s, top printing speed up to 500mm/s, enjoy instant high-speed printing yet still delivers outstanding printing results.

【Dual Extruder Cooling Fans】Dual cooling fans design for high-speed printing with fast cooling. 

【Core-XY Axis Structure for Precise Control】Creality Ender 7 3D printer focus on high and precise printing effect. Another breakthrough in dual motors running parallelly with coordinated operations, faster speed and higher precision.

【Stable Filament Feeding】Creality Ender 7 customized large melting chamber nozzle ensuring smooth extrude, stable filament feeding and reduce clogging risk.

【Powerful Performance】Carborundum glass hotbed, resume printing, slient printing, Creality power supply, large printing size, filament Detector, beyond fast, precise, powerful performance make Ender-7 a new experience for high-speed 3D Printer.

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