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Creality K1C 3D Printer, 600mm/s High-Speed

Creality K1C 3D Printer, 600mm/s High-Speed

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【Clog-free Direct Extruder & Tri-metal "Unicorn" Nozzle】Creality K1C 3D Printer equips a clog-free all-metal direct extrude, enhanced with a bolster spring and a ball plunger.It forms a strong grip, enhanced reliability that won't slacken off. Steel-tipped copper nozzle integrated with a titanium alloy heatbreak.It is free of clogs and can be swapped quickly.

【CoreXY, 12X Super Fast】K1C 3D Printer inherits the lightweight and agile CoreXY system of K1, Max 600mm/s speed and 20000mm/s² acceleration.It can maintain print quality while printing at high speed, it is12 times faster than the other normal 3d printer.

【Carbon Fiber Reinforced & Filaments Well Supported】K1C features a enclosed chamber design, 300°C hotend and hardened steel nozzle tip. K1C can prints well with high-temp and wear-resistant PA-CF, ASA, etc, K1C is suitable for carbon fiber 3d printing. 

【Auto Calibration for Hands-free Leveling】Just give a single tap, and the auto-calibration gets leveling and everything ready for you with smart sensors.

【Observant AI Camera】K1C is equipped with an AI camera as standard. It can always monitor whether there are foreign objects or malfunctions during the printing process. and enables real-time monitoring, time-lapse photography functions.

【Long-lasting Purification & Silent Mode ≤45dB】Air purification system uses activated carbon bags to effectively purify odors and particles produced by melting consumables. During the printing, you can switch to silent mode with one click, which can reduce noise to 45dB without affecting work or rest.

【Dynamic Balancing for Reduced Vibration】The weight of printhead fans is dynamically balanced.So they are less likely to wobble, minimizing ringing or ghosting.

【Creality OS & Superb Software Ecosystem】Creallty OS based on Kipper, powerful, completely open source, support for custom optimization. Creality Print slicing software support for intelligent cooling, pumpback optimization, seedling tree support, but also to facilitate the user remote control of multiple printers.

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