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Creality BL Touch Auto Leveling Kit 32 Bit

Creality BL Touch Auto Leveling Kit 32 Bit

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【Easy Firmware Upgrade】Copy the firmware file to a formated SD card with no other files in it. Turn off the printer and unplug the power cord. Insert the SD card & power cord, and turn on the printer. Wait 10s to complete the firmware updating process.

【Awesome Upgraded BLTouch Kit】Unlike the inductive probe, our Creality BLTouch is a touch-based 3D printer bed leveling probe which enables automatic bed leveling on your 3D printer, regardless of print surface. This bltouch sensor works perfectly with any surface, from glass to blue tape or woods, metals and so on.

【High Precision】The standard deviation repetition accuracy is about 0.005mm. After installing this bltouch, your printer will automatically detect the bed height at multiple locations around the surface of the bed and automatically adjust so that the hotend will always be the perfect distance away from the bed.

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