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3D Scanner CREALITY CR-Scan Raptor for 3D Printing, 60fps Multiple-line Blue & NIR Consumer Handheld Scanner 0.02mm

3D Scanner CREALITY CR-Scan Raptor for 3D Printing, 60fps Multiple-line Blue & NIR Consumer Handheld Scanner 0.02mm

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* The First Multiple-line Blue & NIR Consumer 3D Scanner - Creality CR-Scan Raptor Scanner integrates an innovative combination of blue infrared light sources, covering scanning of small, medium, and large objects,which can meet the needs of diverse industrial 3D scanning scenarios.7 parallel blue lines for fine scanning details, single line is very thin, up to 0.1mm to obtain sharper and clear edges.The scanning accuracy up to 0.02mm ensures every detail is sharp and clear.This will bring you the enjoyment of consumer-grade precision scanning.

* High-Speed Scanning - Raptor scanner blue light scanning speed up to 60fps, nir scanning speed up to 20fps.combining line with infrared structured light, the scans can objects ranging in size from 5*5*5 mm-2000*2000*2000 mm, effortlessly scanning small figurines, bolts, faces, human bodies, automobile components, and more, versatile scanning for all sizes.The CR-Scan Raptor utilizes speckle matching 3D imaging.No markers needed for feature-rich workpieces.Objects can be scan quickly and directly.

* Anti-shake, Smooth & Efficient Scanning - Raptor Scanner Equipped with One-Shot 3D imaging technology, it is naturally stabilized and less likely totracking loss. Fast backtracking speed ensures smoother handheld scanning,Scanning speed up to 20 fps. At the same time, the lens has an autofocus feature to make sure that you don't have a bad scanning experience such as lost frames or defocus during scanning.

* 24-Bit Full-Color Scanning - Raptor Scanner Equipped with 12 circular LED texture lights, it can enhance the brightness of color mapping in dark environments and truly present the color of objects. Dual-color circular LED texture lights can help achieve more realistic scanning results. Blue Light Provides supplementary lightfor laser line scanning.White Light Used to enhance the brightnessof color textures.

* Cross-platform Compatibility - You can use it on Windows or macOS link scanner.CrealityScan is a professional 3D scanning software with excellent user-friendliness and powerful imageand point cloud processing capabilities. With itsstep-by-step tutorials, one-click model processing!and model editing features, it can easily start your effortless scanning journey.

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