The Top 10 Most Useful Objects to 3D Print Using PLA in 2024

The Top 10 Most Useful Objects to 3D Print Using PLA in 2024

A 3D printer serves as an invaluable asset in any workshop, offering the capability to fabricate specialized tools for unique projects and craft replacement parts for damaged items. The realm of possibilities expands further with a touch of creativity.

In the realm of 3D printing materials, PLA stands out for its versatility. Cost-effective, user-friendly, derived from natural sources, and widely accessible, PLA presents itself as an optimal choice for numerous applications. Nonetheless, it does come with its set of constraints.

Compared to alternative filaments, PLA exhibits slightly lower tensile strength and increased brittleness, rendering it unsuitable for components subjected to high stress or heavy loads. Additionally, its lower melting point imposes restrictions on its use in environments with elevated temperatures (<70 °C). However, this characteristic can be advantageous in certain scenarios, particularly when conforming to uneven surfaces.

Despite these limitations, the benefits of PLA outweigh its drawbacks. Consequently, the following list comprises models tailored for PLA, suitable for printing on any 3D printer with ease.

If you lack a 3D printer or find yourself without PLA filament, rest assured that Creality offers top-tier quality and a diverse array of materials to meet your needs.

Let the PLA printing commence!


1. Harry Potter Headphone Stand

Are you enchanted by the world of Harry Potter? This intricately designed headphone stand is a must-have addition to your collection! Crafted with three separate prints and some simple assembly, it offers a touch of magic to your space. For a truly captivating look, consider printing each component in different colors.

Once assembled, the stand stands tall at 20 cm and effortlessly snaps into place. To ensure the best results, the designer recommends using supports for the top portion and maintaining a 15% infill.

But if you're seeking alternatives to the wizarding world, fear not! The designer's repertoire includes an array of options ranging from  Star TrekStranger ThingsSpider-Man, and lovely hearts, among many others!

2. Cable Holder

Taming the cable chaos on your desk can be quite a hassle, especially with a plethora of wires. Enter this ingenious cable holder, designed to corral your cables in one convenient spot, ensuring they stay put and off your workspace.

Featuring a flat base, this holder is easily mountable on any surface using double-sided tape or an adhesive pad. Its smartly crafted grooved open-cut circle allows for effortless insertion of wires, preventing them from slipping back out. While it's optimized for Apple Lightning and various USB cables, the model's scalability ensures compatibility with different wire sizes.

Crafted with simplicity in mind, this model is perfect for PLA filament, as affirmed by numerous successful makers. Although the designer didn't specify the filament type, they did recommend using supports during printing and opting for a 0.1-mm layer height.

3. Cable Strap

This versatile cable strap offers a myriad of uses for bundling, securing, and organizing diverse objects. Its applications range from neatly managing cables, belts, to efficiently securing tools like wrenches. Comprising two essential components – the clamp and the belt – this design allows for customizable lengths, catering to a variety of items.

A crucial consideration is ensuring impeccable adhesion for the initial belt layer during printing to prevent any potential detachment issues from the print bed. For a seamless cable management experience, consider printing the accompanying bracket model to keep your straps conveniently attached to cables. This thoughtful addition eliminates the need to search for cable straps when organizing


4. Phone Stand

Smartphones empower us with the versatility to indulge in activities like reading books, capturing photos, enjoying videos, shows, or movies, browsing the web, and staying connected with others. This innovative stand serves as a convenient hands-free solution, providing support for your phone. Ideal for moments when you need to multitask, such as following a new recipe while cooking or taking notes while watching a video, this stand enhances your smartphone experience by offering a stable and accessible platform for various activities.


5. USB & SD Card Holder



If you're an enthusiast working with a 3D printer, Raspberry Pi board, or other compact electronic devices, you've likely encountered the challenge of managing and distinguishing various storage devices such as SD cards and USB sticks. Tackling this issue head-on, this meticulously designed model comes to the rescue, featuring a total of 31 slots dedicated to organizing your storage arsenal. Among these, 8 slots cater to full-size SD cards, another 8 are tailored for USB flash drives, and a generous 15 slots specifically accommodate MicroSD cards.

Crafted with ergonomic precision, this organizer boasts a flat base, ensuring stability and ease of use. The MicroSD card slots are strategically angled toward the USB stick slots, maintaining a low-profile design while optimizing accessibility. With this storage device organizer, you can bid farewell to the hassle of misplaced or confused storage, allowing you to focus on your projects with efficiency and peace of mind.


6. Tool Hooks

Eliminating the frustration of searching for tools during projects is essential for a seamless and enjoyable work experience. Enter tool hooks – a smart solution to keep your tools neatly organized and readily accessible. By providing designated spaces for your tools, these hooks ensure that everything is within arm's reach precisely when you need it. Beyond their functional benefits, tool hooks also contribute to an aesthetically pleasing and organized workspace, adding a touch of coolness to your surroundings. Say goodbye to project disruptions and hello to a visually appealing and efficiently arranged workspace with the practicality of tool hooks.

7. Adjustable Monitor Shelf

Imagine the frustration of a cluttered desk with limited space – a situation that calls for a practical solution. This versatile accessory becomes your desk's savior, addressing the issue of insufficient space with ease. Even if your desk seems spacious, this compact shelf serves as a stylish addition, perfect for showcasing decorative items like small pots, enhancing the overall aesthetic.

The adaptability of this model is noteworthy, as it seamlessly integrates with both monitors and TV screens. This versatility makes it an ideal choice for any setup, providing functionality while allowing you to personalize your space with a touch of elegance. Say goodbye to desk space challenges and welcome a stylish and adaptable solution into your workspace with this versatile shelf.

8. Modular Drawer Organizer Grid

Navigating the intricate world of 3D printing involves managing a myriad of small components, a challenge that multiplies as the printer generates more parts. Enter the solution: open-source, modular drawer organizers based on the Gridfinity design. These organizers offer a game-changing approach, allowing you to 3D print and generate a limitless supply of customizable drawer storage using cost-effective PLA filament.

The beauty of PLA lies in its low print temperatures and forgiving settings, significantly reducing the effort required to achieve flawless prints, especially with large, flat surfaces. The designer attests to successful outcomes with the Creality K1, utilizing a 0.04-mm nozzle and sticking to the stock PLA print settings. Notably, a brim is not recommended, as it may prove challenging to remove without risking damage to the printed part. Embrace the convenience and efficiency of these Gridfinity-based drawer organizers, providing a seamless solution to keep your 3D printer components organized and easily accessible.

9. Home decor vase

Elevate your home decor with the Walo Vase – a modern masterpiece for dried and preserved flower arrangements! Immerse yourself in the unique design,

  • Who designed it?  TerraDeVerdant.
  • Where to find it?  Cults


10. Paper Roll Holder for ikea table

 Introducing a versatile roll paper holder designed for seamless installation on the side of your desk, adding functionality to your workspace.

In a YouTube demonstration, I showcased the attachment of this holder to an IKEA LINNMON desk, offering compatibility with roll paper ranging from 45cm to 55cm, such as IKEA's MÅLA series.

The thoughtful design includes markings "R" and "L" on the back of the left and right sides for easy distinction. The screw holes, each with a 3.8mm diameter, utilize a total of six screws on both sides to ensure secure placement.

For the crucial rod part supporting the roll paper, I recommend a setting of 25-30% infill density during printing to enhance durability and prevent breakage.

Experience the convenience and organization this roll paper holder brings to your desk, making creative endeavors and clean tear-offs a breeze for you or your child.

  • Who designed it? CRAFDO
  • Where to find it?  Cults
  • Where to find video? Youtube
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