Free STL files & 3D printer files: Discover the top websites in 2024

Free STL files & 3D printer files: Discover the top websites in 2024


Check out this curated list featuring the premier destinations for 3D printing enthusiasts! From extensive model libraries to bustling marketplaces, these websites cater to every aspect of the 3D printing journey. What's more, they offer an array of free 3D printer files in STL or OBJ formats for your printing pleasure.

Moreover, many of these platforms boast storefronts, providing an opportunity for talented 3D modelers to showcase and monetize their creations. With our team's daily utilization of these repositories, you can trust our seasoned expertise in navigating this dynamic landscape.

To determine the rankings, we've devised a sophisticated formula. It considers factors like the quantity of 3D printable models available on each site, augmented by insights from Similarweb's traffic rank to gauge overall popularity. This ensures an equitable evaluation of each platform's accessibility and relevance as a source for printable 3D designs.

While we've spotlighted some of the top contenders, it's worth noting that numerous other intriguing 3D printing repositories exist beyond our scope. Reasons for omission vary; some are affiliated with specific printers, while others are emerging players striving to carve their niche. Rest assured, we're committed to keeping this list current with regular updates to ensure you're always in the know. 


Site Type Free/Paid 3D Printable Models
Thingiverse Repository Free ★★★★★
Cults Marketplace Free, Paid ★★★★
Printables Repository Free, Paid ★★★★
MyMiniFactory Marketplace Free, Paid ★★★★
Pinshape Marketplace Free, Paid ★★★★
Ameede Repository Free ★★★
YouMagine Repository Free ★★★
Threeding Marketplace Free, Paid ★★
CGTrader Marketplace Free, Paid ★★★★
GrabCAD Community Library Repository Free ★★
Free3D Repository Free, Paid ★★
TurboSquid Marketplace Free, Paid ★★★★
Instructables Repository Free NA
NIH 3D Repository Free ★★
Smithsonian Repository Free ★★
NASA Repository Free
African Fossils Repository Free
Toymakr3D Repository Free, Paid
Yeggi Search Engine Free, Paid NA
STLFinder Search Engine Free, Paid NA
Thangs Search Engine Free, Paid NA
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